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The Inner Brilliance of the Mystical Chambers, Vol. 1

6-8 June, Heathrow UK

*For Ignite Hubs Members Only


What Is It

Luminal Foundations is a three volume book series that is a seminal work of ADONIJAH OGBONNAYA Ph.D. (Founder & President of AACTEV8 International) This is a book that carries theological and biblical foundations for the mysteries. 

Book + Seminar

Dr. Ogbonnaya will conduct seminars across various locations around the world, starting from volume 1, with the aim of coaching devoted students, enabling them to instruct the concepts from the book... by permission of Dr. Ogbonnaya. 


This event is available to be livestreamed for members of Ignite Hubs Only. Volume 1 will be provided in pdf version for online attendees.
* This option is only available to members of Ignite Hubs International. View Livestream Policy here.
  • Will this event be livestreamed?
    Yes, this event is available for Livestream for Ignite Hubs members only. You may register for the event here. Please view the Terms and Conditions for online attendance here.
  • What is included in my conference registration?
    In Person Course Admission includes: ·3 Day Seminar ·Luminal Foundations Volume 1 Book (190 pages ) ·Still & sparkling mineral water ·Delegate notepads & pens ·Access to the compilation of all Volume One seminars will be granted and loaded onto the AACTEV8 Academy accounts of all attendees once all seminars have completed (approx: End of 2024) Not included in course costs: ·Hotel stay ·Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner meals
  • Is there a refund policy?
    No refunds will be issued for this event.
  • Am I required to stay at the hotel?
    No, you are welcome to stay wherever you please. The conference cost does not include any accommodation fees. If you would like to stay at the facility however, you can book here and will include complimentary breakfast with your stay.
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