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AACTEV8 Terms & Conditions for ONLINE UK Luminal Foundations 


Ignite Hubs

  • ZOOM participants must be Ignite Hubs students only.

  • A Non-Disclosure Agreement must be signed and adhered to.

  • The link for the NDA is on the AACTEV8 site here.

  • Only Ignite Hubs members that successfully register are permitted to view the seminar online.

  • All online Ignite Hubs registrants must be on-camera at all times during the meetings.

  • All online Ignite Hubs registrants must do the assigned reading and engage in the discussions in breakout session.


  • Digital copies of the Luminal Foundations book will be available in PDF format, only for registered HUB students viewing on Zoom, and only for the duration of the seminar.

  • Original hardcover books will be passed out to all in-person attendees. Hardcover books will be shipped to online attendees.

  • Any and all unauthorized copies of the Luminal Foundations book, sharing or teaching it’s contents are strictly prohibited.



  • No one attending the seminars, either in-person or online, is permitted to teach the materials contained within the Luminal Foundations book, in-part or in-whole, without the express written consent of Dr. Ogbonnaya. Anyone desiring to teach this material must attend at least 3 seminars in-person + go through an application process and be approved by Dr Ogbonnaya to teach. More information regarding teaching and the application process will be covered during the seminar.

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